Nomination Service

The outstanding value of our company is the dispatcher service that is at home with the energy market processes (in terms of commercial contracts and the system usage) and represents the customers in the daily operational processes to the trader and distributor companies 24/7.

The daily nomination of the traders depends on the users and especially for the multi-site customers, data service become more appreciated. Although there are trade offers that do not need the customers’ daily energy supply and data service, the traders either include an extra price for these services in invoices or shift responsibility of balance control and nomination risk off to the customer in some way. We can obtain substantial savings in the course of the contract by undertaking this task, estimation of daily consumption. Our company grants with up-to-date forecasting system and expert measurement monitoring activities that MT-GAS Consulting Kft. takes all responsibility for the consumption estimation so the customers can be free of this responsibility.

MT-GAS Consulting Kft primarily handles data service of the partners’ of multi-site customers by sending them monthly, weekly, and daily data. The task is performed by the company's twenty-four-hour dispatching service. Thus we are able to perform daily re-nomination as well! The data is mapped out from the measurement and remote readout system of the customer and the database of MT-GAS Consulting Kft. The service is carried in a way that resulted none of our have ever had to pay nomination mismatch penalty or surcharge.

Natural gas invoices of our partners are identified by MT-GAS Consulting Kft, in case of any mistake we provide rejection based on daily allocations! We identify the punishments and carry out debates instead of our partners on behalf of them, manage the distributor license tasks, manage meter replacement, indication identification, peak hour transgression, minute-book checking, and capacity problems.

About All these activities we regularly inform our partners.